02. 29. 08
Sandrino Cueva - Photographer

Self taught and quite the enthusiast, Sandrino has a passion for his work and his Clients. NYC Native but Ecuadorian at heart, he loves everything about being in the city of all cities, New York. There are thousands of subjects to observe, moments to capture and elements to study. His curiosity drives him to seize the moments that others fail to notice.

Mastered in engineering, and a natural techie, Sandrino uses all of his technical talents to master and compliment his creative side which he expresses through his photography. Sandrino would go to extremes to learn and do what he has a passion for. He is a great teacher to the beginner and a resource to all his peers.

As his love for Photography grew, it was moments like locking himself in the family bathroom and stuffing the door with black plastic bags, to develop photos, that confirm his love for photography. Too bad his Mom could not understand why he was in the dark and would open the door to say that dinner was ready.

Sandrino is a photographer who has the passion for capturing the moments you miss and making them unforgettable.